Instructions for Klearly access to Pardot

Why Klearly needs access, what kind of access is needed, and how to set up access

Table of contents

What is Klearly?

Klearly is a SaaS product that reads data from Pardot. Klearly uses machine learning to understand how teams' activities quantifiably contribute to revenue, and which activities sales, marketing, and customer success teams should prioritize next. 


To set up Pardot with Kleary, you need:

  • A user with a preferred timezone of UTC. This is required to ensure you don’t encounter Extraction errors during Daylight Savings Time.


Step 1: Retrieve your Pardot business unit ID

  1. Sign into your Salesforce account, using the user with the preferred timezone of UTC.
  2. Navigate to the Setup page.

  3. Enter "Pardot Account Setup" in the Quick Find.

    Pardot Account Setup Search
  4. The Pardot setup page will display. Copy your 18-character Pardot Business Unit ID and keep it readily available for the next step.

    Pardot Account Setup

Step 2: Complete the data integration following your custom integration link

Choose to connect Pardot via the Klearly Portal. You can expect to get this link from a Klearly team member.

Klearly data source integration screenshot


If you need any assistance, reach out to us at