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Account's current relationship status to your company based on its purchase history (e.g., "Prospect" = no purchase history, "Customer" = at least one purchase in the last 12 months, and "Past Customer" = at least one purchase, but not in the last 12 months).

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Engagement status

An account's engagement status based on the recency of its last inbound response (e.g., email click, form submission, etc.), including "Active" (at least one response in the last 90 days), "Lapsing" (at least one response in the last 180 days, but not in the last 90 days), "Lapsed" (at least one response in the last 365 days, but not in the last 180 days), "Inactive" (at least one response, but not in the last 365 days), and "Pending" (no responses, ever).

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Machine learning

The use of algorithms that allow a computer to learn complex patterns in a dataset — These learned patterns are then typically used to make predictions.


Outreach Intensity 

Comparison between recent and historical outbound signal activity, indicating potential deviation from past performance.

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A value indicating the likelihood or expected outcome of some future event (e.g., an account becoming a customer) that is typically made using machine learning.

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Prediction Summary

Summary of prediction for this fiscal quarter.

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Purchase Trend

Comparison between the current and previous 90-day rolling averages of purchases, indicating possible trend changes.

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Recommended Action

Recommended action (e.g., pause or pursue) based on a comparison between expected signal performance and recommended signal performance.

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Filter signals by source (e.g., All, Marketing, or Sales) and by direction (e.g., All, Outbound, or Inbound).

Account Signals

Signal Date

Date on which a signal occurred.

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Signal Type

Type of outbound activity (e.g., a call) or inbound response (e.g., an order).

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Signal Type Detail

Additional detail or context regarding a signal's type (e.g., a renewal order).

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Signal Topic

Signal's general subject matter (e.g., product line).

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Signal Topic Detail

Signal's specific subject matter (e.g., product type).

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Ranking of the possible influence recommended signal actions could have on an account's current win probability of ever becoming a customer.

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