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Eroding trust when every update or new feature requires an upgrade

This post is part of the B2B Retention Handbook series. To explore more challenges and solutions, check out the series here.

No one likes being nickel-and-dimed and if your product experience highlights upgrades for a better experience, it could make your users feel the discomfort of lacking something more than the desire to upgrade.

It’s essential to be clear in your content and conversations during the early stages about what’s available and what the experience will be like when becoming customers. Having all team members educated about what questions can be answered by using your product that reduces surprises and the fear of missing out on something better for your customers.



  • Customers should understand clearly which features and capabilities are available at each product level before they purchase and as they use your product.
  • If this information is hidden or unclear on your pricing page or is not revealed during sales conversations and onboarding, it can come as an unpleasant surprise when a customer tries to access a capability that requires an upgrade.
  • This lack of transparency erodes trust and can lead to churn. It can also erode a customer’s perception of your product’s value and competitive advantage.


  1. This problem arises from not  understanding what your customers want, not communicating how you deliver on their goals and capabilities, and not aligning your Sales, Marketing, Product, and Customer Success teams on product capabilities and pricing - The Ultimate Guide to SaaS Pricing Models, Strategies & Psychological Hacks | Cobloom
  2. Make sure that all of your public-facing content is consistent and transparent on pricing and features included at each level. - How to Implement Consistent Messaging on Your Team, According to Sales Managers | HubSpot
  3. Make sure that your teams understand those product levels and capabilities and are trained to answer customer questions directly and honestly. - The Ultimate Guide to Product Marketing in 2022 | HubSpot


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